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Hey! I'm Tania Heath.

My pronouns are she/they.

I'm a settler living in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador/ Ktaqmkuk. I am a queer, gender-nonconforming woman, and I have a trans agender partner. I’m sharing this because a) being queer is wonderful and I am proud of my identity and community, b) queer love is so special and I am so very privileged with it, and c) my partner is the very best but does not share the same enthusiasm about me taking their photo,  so please let me take YOUR photo. PLEASE!​

I came out in my 30s and it was a weird and wild time that came with lots of questions and lots of reflecting, both about myself and the world around me. Being queer has since heavily influenced just about everything in my life and the way I live it, especially the way I like to photograph. I want to use this art form to tell stories that deserve to be heard and to celebrate people who may not find representation elsewhere.

I like to challenge the heteronormative and patriarchal ways in which our society unfortunately works. I don't subscribe to the boxes we are put in and the roles that are expected of us. And I certainly don't subscribe a certain way to take photos.

For a very long time I was looking for a photography style to stick with because that's what I saw other folks doing and that's what thought I needed to do to be considered "a good photographer." But now that just sounds like another box to me. So I reject that idea!

The results and look of each photoshoot with me are different and depend on what the vision is. What do you want to FEEL when you look at your photos?

If you are queer, trans, or have an otherwise underrepresented body or identity and want your photo taken, pick me! (Hey, allies, I wanna work with you too!)

A black and white self-portrait of myself wearing an open blazer.
A black and white self-portrait of myself.
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